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Thanks Everyone!

JAY      Dear Friends & Supporters,

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you all for your support in my campaign for City Council.  Although we didn’t make the runoff, I am heartened by the results and extremely grateful to everyone who helped, donated, and spread the word about my candidacy.

As many of you know, I go into the race to bring about change and help fix what’s wrong with LA city government.  Serving as your representative on the City Council is but one way to accomplish that goal.  There are certainly others.  We brought about huge changes already and that won’t end with this campaign.

For those of you interested in some statistics regarding the results, here’s some interesting things to think about.

I came in 9th, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Overall, we did pretty well considering a lack of funding and time.  We had no consultants and no “team”.  It was basically just myself, my wife, and a few friends and volunteers running this campaign.  I got almost 1000 votes, about 1/3 the number of votes earned by the two candidates who will make it into the runoff. They each spent over $400,000; I spent about $20,000. Plus they both got into the race about a year before I did.  One was the chief of staff of the current council member so she had a huge advantage. The other was backed by powerful business interests in the Korean community so had a natural constituency highly motivated to come out and vote for their candidate.  All the other major candidates outspent me by at least 9:1.  Most got only about twice as many votes as I did; one got only about 200 more votes.  The current top two vote earners outspent me 20:1, yet only got about 3 times as many votes as I did.  The candidate who came away with the most votes spent $140 per vote.  I spent under $25 per vote.

Looking at the results broken down by voting precinct shows I had very strong support where I was able to get my message out to voters.  Due to the fact that I got into the race fairly late and refused to take any special interest money, we only had the resources to compete in a few select precincts, mostly in the south part of Sherman Oaks and the Cahuenga Pass.  In those precincts, where I walked door-to-door and introduced myself and explained why I was running, I earned 36% of the vote.  Compare this with the current top two vote earners who got about 15% of the vote city wide.  This tells me that if I had had the resources to reach out to voters across the district (as my competitors did) I would likely have made the runoff.

I know our message of bringing common sense solutions back to City Hall and changing the business as usual attitude was one that resonated strongly with voters.  I’m confident that if we had more time and a bit more financial resources to get that message out to more people, the result would have been very different on election day.

In closing, I want to recognize my wife Heather, who served as my campaign manager and who supported me all along the way. She is the one person without whom I could never have come this far. She not only kept the campaign going along smoothly, but our personal lives as well.  I could not have asked for a better partner, both in this campaign and in my life.   She is truly an amazing and wonderful person.  I am extremely blessed to have her by my side.

Again, thank you all for your support.  The fight to give a voice back to the people isn’t over and I’m not going away. I’m not sure yet where that path will lead, but we’ll keep you posted.


All the best,


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