Results | Jay Beeber for City Council 2015

L.A.'s Newest Folk Hero


As a concerned citizen, Jay Beeber has effectively improved the everyday lives of Angelenos.  Imagine what he can do as a councilman. 
Imagine a city government that treats you like a valued customer and caters to your needs instead of the special interests.


IMPROVED NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY  As a member of city’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee, advocated for the flashing lighted crosswalks and speed feedback signs now being implemented throughout L.A.  Initiated installation of stop signs and red curb in neighborhoods to protect pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.
INCREASED NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES  Prompted Bureau of Street Services to repair local streets and sidewalks that have been neglected for years.
ELIMINATED RED LIGHT CAMERA PROGRAM IN LA   Responsible for eliminating the Ineffective & Costly Los Angeles Red Light Camera Program, saving Angelenos Millions of Dollars.  Assisted many cites throughout CA to do the same.
EFFECTIVELY LEADING PARKING REFORM IN LA   Co-Director, Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative and Co-chair of Mayor Garcetti’s Working Group on Parking Reform revising Los Angeles’ abusive Parking policies.
INCREASED YELLOW LIGHT TIME THROUGHOUT CA   Responsible for getting yellow light times increased throughout the State of California, improving safety at signalized intersections.
DEFEATED ASSEMBLY BILL 666   Responsible for defeating AB666 in the State Legislature, which would have taken away your right to a trial for certain traffic offenses.
DEFEATED ASSEMBLY BILL 2487   Responsible for defeating AB2487, which would have eliminated your right to a court trial after an unsuccessful trial by written declaration.

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