Endorsements | Jay Beeber for City Council 2015

L.A.'s Newest Folk Hero



Endorsed by (partial list, testimonials located after list):

Elected Leaders
Rhodes Rigsby, Mayor of Loma Linda*
Sherry Revord, Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, Boardmember*
Rachel Tash, Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, Boardmember*
Mary Garcia, Mid-Town No-Ho Neighborhood Council, President*
Ginnie Hatfield, Neighborhood Council Valley Village, VP*
Suzanne Lewis, Neighborhood Council Valley Village, Boardmember*
Barry Weiss, Mayor’s Parking Working Group, Co-Chair*
Ann Job, Sylmar Neighborhood Council, President*
Varant Majarian, Encino Neighborhood Council, Boardmember*

Community Members
Whitney Smith, Animal Advocate Reva Foundation*
Daniel Guss, Stand Foundation Founder & Animal Advocate*
Paul Hatfield, CPA
Julie Jacobson, Green Realtor
Joe Miceli, Owner Miceli’s Pizzaria
Mona Chahayed, Business Owner/KeeptheBarhamRamp.com Leader*
Sheila Wolf, Homeowner/KeeptheBarhamRamp.com Supporter*
Sarah-Jane King, Homeowner/KeeptheBarhamRamp.com Supporter*
Jeremy Aldridge, Parks & Rec Facility Director, City of Los Angeles*
Rayna & Ed Labowitz, Homeowners Sherman Oaks
Craig Cady, Entertainer Los Feliz
Ray & Karen Burkland, Neighborhood Watch Captains Sherman Oaks
Ilene & Daniel Graves, Small Business Owners
Robert Wilcox, Homeowner Sherman Oaks
Judd Weiss, Entrepreneur
Erik Wolford, Community Organizer Hancock Park
Josh Rogers, Homeowner Toluca Lake
Ken Aubens, Retired Teacher Sherman Oaks
Ingrid Boon, Business Owner
Jennifer Holtzman, Homeowner
Erin & Giuseppe Gentile, Restaurant Owners/Homeowners Sherman Oaks
Gerard DiNardi, Movie Producer Hancock Park
Mike Drath, CFO Hollywood
Tricia Lyn Scott, Teacher Los Feliz
Kim Neer, Yoga Teacher Hancock Park
Sita Acevedo, Performer Toluca Lake
Josh Corey, Writer Hancock Park
Erin Tillman, Los Feliz
Ben Caron, Entertainer
Jameela Verona, Los Angeles
Mandi Graziano, VP Global Accounts
Mauro Garcia, Real Estate Agent
Nusheem Sahebi
Kamran Ghassemieh, Manager
Thomas Fenady
Jane Janiger, Dixie Canyon Place Homeowner
Sid Adeleman, Business Owner Sherman Oaks
Annie Korzen, Actress
Eric Ball, Senior VP Finance
Steven Gomez, Professional Development Manager
Glen Hamilton, Sr Practice Leader
Catherine Yerly, Technical Writer
Merill Capps, Performer
Craig Cady, Entertainer Los Feliz
George Gonzales, retired school teacher
Sandy & Robby Patten, Homeowners Sherman Oaks
Mack & Jeannie Anderson
, Business Owner/Homeowners Sherman Oaks
Marci Saint-Jean

*For Identification Purposes Only

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