Jay Beeber for City Council 2015 | L.A.'s Newest Folk Hero

L.A.'s Newest Folk Hero


Jay Beeber helped eliminate LA's red light cameras, saving Angelenos millions. Find out how you can support Jay end other dysfunctional policies.
Jay Beeber and Mayor Garcetti are working together to reform LA's parking policies. Let your friends know about Jay Beeber and how he is improving LA.
Jay Beeber and California State Assembly Member, Adrin Nazarian, worked together to increase yellow signal light times improving safety at intersections throughout the state. See how Jay Beeber is working for you today.
Jay Beeber's tremendous dedication, unwavering commitment and visionary leadership demonstrate... his desire to protect the rights, safety and well being of the people of Los Angeles” "Certificate of Recognition" from Paul Kortez, LA City Councilman, 2011
Jay Beeber leading the reform of parking throughout LA as co-director of LA Parking Freedom Initiative and co-chair of Mayor Garcettiʼs Working Group.

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·  Eliminated LA’s red light camera scam, triumphing over powerful entrenched special interests
·  Leading the reform of LA’s unfair parking policies, as Co-Chair of Mayor Garcetti’s Parking Reform Working Group
·  Devised a plan with the Public Works Department to reuse ground water, helping to solve a decades-long water runoff issue  in hillside communities
·  Convinced Caltrans to increase yellow light times throughout California, increasing safety at intersections
·  Helped neighborhoods get streets repaved, sidewalks fixed, and stop signs installed
·  Stopped state bill AB666 that would have taken away our right to trial for certain traffic offenses
And this is just a small sample of what I’ve accomplished as a community advocate, not as a paid staffer, and not because it was my job. These were things that needed to be fixed, so I fixed them.
The community is responding to my candidacy because they recognize that I’m the person most likely to bring about fundamental change to city government – not some current or former city staff member; not some political insider.
As the Daily News reports, this is what I told the crowd:
“I never give up, I never take no for an answer”.
That’s how I got rid of the red light camera program. That’s how I got Caltrans to change the yellow light times throughout the state. That’s how we just got Dixie Canyon paved when they told us it wouldn’t happen for 20 years. That’s how we’re finally getting the water run-off problem solved in Benedict Canyon. That’s how I’m getting parking reform done. When I’m committed to something, I will never give up.
I’m committed to fixing LA and I’m not going to give up until we get the job done.
I would be honored to have your vote on March 3 and to serve you as your councilmember.
Jay Beeber

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