Jay Beeber helped eliminate LA's red light cameras, saving Angelenos millions. Find out how you can support Jay end other dysfunctional policies.
Jay Beeber and Mayor Garcetti are working together to reform LA's parking policies. Let your friends know about Jay Beeber and how he is improving LA.
Jay Beeber and California State Assembly Member, Adrin Nazarian, worked together to increase yellow signal light times improving safety at intersections throughout the state. See how Jay Beeber is working for you today.
Jay Beeber's tremendous dedication, unwavering commitment and visionary leadership demonstrate... his desire to protect the rights, safety and well being of the people of Los Angeles” "Certificate of Recognition" from Paul Kortez, LA City Councilman, 2011
Jay Beeber leading the reform of parking throughout LA as co-director of LA Parking Freedom Initiative and co-chair of Mayor Garcettiʼs Working Group.
Are you fed up with constant DWP rate increases?  Tired of traffic jams at the 101/405 interchange and through the Cahuenga Pass?  Have you had enough of tax and fee hikes but less city services? Do you want your voice heard at City Hall?
Me too.  That's why Iʼm running for City Council in District 4 because when I see something wrong, I have to fix it.
That’s what happened with LA’s red light cameras - even though I never received one of those automated tickets, I fought to eliminate this abusive program, saving the people of LA millions of dollars.
As a community advocate, I'm continuing to fight for Angelenos by leading the reform of unjust parking enforcement policies, improving street safety as a member of the city's Pedestrian Advisory Committee, helping neighbors get the services they need from city departments.
My passion has motivated me to stop dysfunctional policies at the neighborhood, city, and state levels and successfully help thousands of individuals live better lives.
I didn't do these things as someone's staff member or hired gun.  I didn't receive a paycheck. I just went to work on my own and fixed what was broken.
But the job isn't finished.  There are many things that need fixing in Los Angeles.  From our broken roads and sidewalks, to regulatory policies that stifle innovation and drive away good paying jobs, to the city's insane budget priorities that put giveaways to special interests ahead of funding core services.
L.A.'s best days lie ahead but only if we act now to fix what's broken.  We can't afford another four, eight, or twelve years of the status quo, the same old ideas, the same people that have been part of a system that has brought us to where we are now.
Please join me in fixing what's wrong with L.A. so we can all enjoy a brighter future.
Jay Beeber

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